The Magic of Retta Wolff Handbag Couture Collection
Posted February 25, 2013 by Yasmin Santana in DailyNews
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One of the most amazing handbag designers I have stumbled upon at the WWD
Magic Convention here in Las Vegas was that of Retta J. Wolff. The Dallas based
luxury handbag couture designer has been designing some of the worlds most
exclusive handbags for over the past twenty years. I had the pleasure of meeting the
creative genius behind this couture handbag company. As I sat down with Retta I
was mesmerized by the array of handbags and accessories, and each seems to have
it's own unique story to tell. I was in couture handbag heaven as I glanced around
her trade-booth like a, kid in a candy store unable to decide which piece I wanted.
The shy and humble Retta came over to greet me. She proudly opened up to me,
sharing some of the secrets behind this stunning handbag label. It seems no one
knows the fine art of handbags like Retta J. Wolff.
Retta J. Wolff Handbags  Photography by Kai He and Scott Naide
Raised with a strong retail background she carried the family business where she worked
in retail most of her early years and later went on to study gemology. She always had a
true passion for fashion, gemstones and the art of true elegance and sophistication,
which she incorporates into her line. She discovered she wanted to fill the niche in the
art of fine quality handbag craftsmanship to bring women handbags they can invest in
for a lifetime. She also wanted to create handbags for the woman truly searching for a
one of a kind handbag experience. Her goal was not to be the massively produced luxury
handbag retailer every woman owns but a high quality finely custom exclusive handbag
not every woman owns. Retta knows the important of a handbag as the accessory and
the final finishing touch for the ultimate fashionista wanting to make a fashion statement.
Wolff's fine bags are made for the luxury customer searching for a unique handbag
found nowhere else. Carrying a Retta Wolff purse is a purse that your friends don't have.
Retta J. Wolff Handbags  Photography by Kai He and Scott Naide
These fine handbags are handmade in Tuscany, Italy and are hand-dyed by true
artisans using secret techniques that have been handed down through the ages since
the 1600's. Each handbag is a portable work of art and is unique in itself and made of
the finest and most exotic King Python, Ostrich skin, and Ligator in the world. Retta
has combined her passion, love and understanding of precious gemstones, great
fashion sense and love of fine handbags to create some amazing pieces for her
collections. She gains her inspiration through nature and how she described her
inspiration to come from deep within me. She works closely with her team in Italy,
which includes schedulers, designers among others to bring you only the top of the
line and high quality pieces in her collections. The collections offer an array of
handbags, clutches, belts, luggage, briefcases, coin purses, ipad cover cases just to
name a few.
Retta J. Wolff Handbags  Photography by Kai He and Scott Naide
The exotic skins are imported from South America and South East Asia to bring you the
finest King Python skins from across the world. Retta Wolff specializes in Ostrich,
leathers, King Python and ligator. Ligator, which is a process of combining leather and
alligator skins and is one of Rettas famous signature styles. One of her personal favorites
as well as mine is the Pearlamix which is a beautiful opal like color of dyed King Python
skin handbags which is truly a work of art just to master. One of my other favorites is
brightly colored rainbow yellow sea foam green and blue ocean colors where she
combined her distinctive style with Swarovski crystal dolphin embellishments added a true
fashion statement that could be a perfect resort handbag. Another personal favorite of
mine is the black and white stripped King Python clutch purse, which is classic and
timeless and makes a perfect accent to any look from daytime to nighttime glam in an
instant. The head turning handbag collection and accessories can be found exclusively at
the Aria Papillon in Las Vegas and purchased directly on her website at rettawolff dot com.
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